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The current challenges faced by Sri Lanka and South Asian region, such as struggling economies,  environmental and energy crisis, international warfare and conflicts, to social, educational, and health inequities represent an opportunity for engineers and computer scientists to .....

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University of Kelaniya established its 7th Faculty - the Faculty of Computing and Technology on 30th December 2015 and the new Faculty commenced its operations on 18th January 2016. It is expected that this new Faculty enables the university to position itself as a unique centre of excellence in computing unparalleled to existing institutes by capitalizing on the expertise they endow in multiple disciplines combined with the competencies in the domain of computing. Thus, the new faculty is established as a service faculty catering to unique computing needs of other faculties while offering their own academic programmes in Computing Major & Technology Degrees. This new concept aims to improve the computer literacy and the usage of undergraduates of other faculties, which is identified as a critical determinant of employability of graduates. The objectives of the Faculty of Computing and Technology also captures offering of degrees relating to computer related disciplines, conducting research and providing services of ICT related issues of university and the country.

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